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What are the characteristics of different cooling towers?


What are the characteristics of different cooling towers?


1. Counterflow cooling tower

The counter-flow cooling tower adopts counter-flow gas heat exchange technology, and the filler is made of a high-quality modified polyvinyl chloride wave plate to expand the water spray area; then the water is rotated to achieve a uniform water distribution cooling effect.

What are the features:

(1) The structure adopts a bottle-shaped design, such that the windward volume is the smallest;

(2) The water dispersing method adopts the rotary nozzle type;

(3) According to the structural characteristics, it is divided into 3 categories: standard type, low noise type, high-temperature type.


2. Cross-flow cooling tower

The principle of air intake is adopted on both sides of the cross-flow cooling tower. Fans near the top move air through the fill on either side of the tower, exchanging medium with the hot water, while hot, moist air is exhausted from the tower. Typically, cooling tower fills use wave plates that have bulges on both sides, and the wave plates are bonded into one piece by mounting heads to improve rigidity. The protrusions on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thereby improving the ability of water film formation.


(1) The direct AC design is used, which is to reduce the resistance of the air and save power;

(2) It can be matched with the rectangular design of the building, and it is also more beautiful from a structural point of view;

(3) The water tower mainly adopts a low-noise design, which is in line with the low-noise requirements of the national standard;

(4) The heat dissipation material adopts the design of vacuum forming, which has high strength and good heat dissipation effect;

(5) The fan blade adopts a wide-width streamlined design, which has the characteristics of low speed, high air volume and low noise;

(6) The design of the muffler air guide hood installed under the back of the water tower fan blade is mainly to prevent the reverse flow of the air, increase the air volume and reduce the wind noise, so as to achieve this effect;

(7) It can be installed in parallel, so it is more flexible to use, and can be operated all or individually, so as to achieve the purpose of saving electricity.


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