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What are the application fields of boron nitride ceramics?

wallpapers News 2021-03-25
Boron nitride is a crystal composed of nitrogen atoms and boron atoms. The chemical formula is BN. It has a variety of crystal structures, and each crystal type has its own unique and excellent properties.
Boron nitride ceramics are ceramic products made using boron nitride as raw materials. It not only has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, but also has very good heat dissipation and thermal conductivity. Emerging materials are becoming more and more important in an era when science and technology increasingly require materials with fine properties and unique properties. In which areas can boron nitride ceramics with excellent properties be used?
The first area: Boron nitride ceramics are not wettable with aluminum water, so it can provide very comprehensive protection for the surface of materials that directly contact aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloys and their slag. Therefore, boron nitride ceramics can be used to make some cutting tools and drill bits for geological exploration and oil drilling. Drills made of boron nitride ceramics are more usable than drills made of other materials.
The second area: Because the shape of boron nitride ceramics is various, it can be made into various suitable parts, or made into packaging materials for preventing neutron radiation. Of course, it is also made of boron nitride ceramics into special resistance materials under high temperature conditions.
The third area: the melting point of boron nitride ceramics is very high, and its resistivity is also very large under high temperature conditions, it is good to make high temperature insulating materials.
The fourth area: If cubic boron nitride is made of boron nitride ceramics, it can become a good semiconductor material, which can play a very important role in the fields of microelectronics or optoelectronics. In addition, since boron nitride ceramics will not soften or deform at high temperatures, they can also be used as high-temperature furnace materials.