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The on-board Charger makes life On yachts easier

wallpapers News 2021-05-17
The on-board Charger makes life On yachts easier
Since its first introduction to the yacht market a few years ago, the onboard battery charger has become a must-have accessory on most yachts. This is especially true if your boat is equipped with a trawler engine. The towboat's engine has no generator, so it can't recharge the batteries as your outboard motor can. With the towing motor constantly draining the battery during use, you can connect the charger yourself to recharge the battery when you get home.
Before the introduction of your own charger, you had to take out your portable charger, connect it to a battery (one battery at a time), and plug it in to charge. Then, you must remember to return to the boat the next day, unplug the first battery and plug in the second. If your boat has more than two batteries, you will have to repeat this process for each additional battery.
An on-board charger is actually one, two, three, or four battery charger built into housing. You only need to buy a Charger that matches the number of batteries on your ship.
Install the charger in a convenient location so that you can see the indicator light and monitor the charging of each battery. Each battery has a set of wires (positive and negative). Install a set of wires in each battery. Then you plug the extension cord into a suitable outlet and the charger does the rest.
This sounds simple enough, but there are a few things to be careful about when installing your new Charger. For example, I recently received an email from a boatman who had simply replaced his boat Charger with a new one. The Charger sits on the center console with three tow cable batteries. The outboard starter battery is located in a separate compartment at the rear of the ship.
When disconnecting the old Charger, the owner found that the lead that drove the battery was connected to the main accessory switch on the rocker arm panel. He asked if this was an acceptable method of wiring, or if he should have a separate set of wires under the floor running from the console to the rear battery.
As I mentioned earlier, onboard Chargers are multiple individual Chargers that are independently connected to each battery on your ship. In this case, the owner will install a four-row Charger. If he connects one set of Charger leads to the main accessory switch as before, he may short-circuit the other set of Charger leads, which may damage the Charger and/or the ship's cabling system.