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Do you know the difference between AC station and DC station?

wallpapers News 2021-06-28
New energy vehicle charging stations are mainly divided into two types: DC charging stations and AC charging stations. AC charging stations are commonly known as "slow charging stations", and DC charging stations are commonly known as "fast charging stations". They have many different places, let's take a look!
1. Different electricity
Literally, we can see that the DC charging station uses direct current and the AC charging station uses alternating current, which results in a difference in the charging speed of the two charging stations. Among them, the charging speed of the DC charging station is faster, and the charging speed of the AC charging station is generally slow. Therefore, the general fast charging stations are all DC charging stations.

2. Different appearance
Generally speaking, the DC station is relatively large (because there are a certain number of AC-DC power modules inside, the higher the power, the more the number of modules, and the larger the station), while the AC station is relatively small. Secondly, the gun head is different. The charging gun of the DC station has a 9-hole gun head. In addition to the PE ground wire, there are DC+, DC- DC power supply positive and negative poles, CC1, CC2 charging confirmation and so on. The charging gun of the AC station has a 7-hole tip, which generally includes two wires of L and N AC power supply, PE grounding wire, CC charging connection confirmation and so on.

3. Different charging materials
The DC charging station directly charges the power battery of an electric vehicle. The AC charging station only provides power output and has no charging function. It needs to be connected to the on-board charger to charge the electric vehicle, which is equivalent to just playing a role of controlling the power supply.

4. Different charging power
The DC charging station adopts a three-phase four-wire system for power supply, which can provide sufficient power, and the output voltage and current can be adjusted in a wide range, which can meet the requirements of fast charging. The power is mostly 40kW and 60kW, and even higher.
The AC charging station is a power supply device that provides AC power for the on-board charger of electric vehicles (that is, the charger fixedly installed on the electric vehicle). The power is mostly 3.5kW and 7kW.

5. Installation is not the same
The AC station can be installed anywhere, and now more and more people like to install one privately, which is convenient for charging. However, DC charging stations are generally installed by operating companies because of their size and price.
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