Identification And Preservation Of Colloidal Gold

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Gold sol, also known as colloidal gold, is a stable, uniform, and single-dispersed suspension of gold particles suspended in a liquid after the gold salt is reduced to gold. The gold sol particles are composed of a gold atom and a double ion layer surrounding it.
Identification and preservation
The preparation of colloidal gold is not difficult, but it is not easy to prepare high-quality colloidal gold. Therefore, the prepared colloidal gold should be verified each time. The main inspection indicators are particle size, uniformity of particle size, and presence or absence of aggregated particles. By carefully observing and comparing the color of colloidal gold in sunlight, you can roughly estimate the size of the produced gold particles.
Of course, a spectrophotometer can also be used to scan λmax to estimate the size of the gold particles. The prepared colloidal gold is best to be observed under electron microscope, and some representative samples can be selected for photomicrography, which can accurately determine the average particle size of colloidal gold; good colloidal gold should be clear and transparent. If the prepared colloidal gold is turbid or There are floating objects on the surface of the liquid, suggesting that the colloidal gold prepared this time has more aggregated particles.
Colloidal gold can be stored for a long time in clean glassware, adding a little preservative (such as 0.02% NaN3) can be beneficial to storage. When stored improperly, bacteria may grow or aggregate particles may form. A small amount of agglutinated particles will not affect the future labeling of colloidal gold. In order to improve the labeling efficiency, the agglutinated particles can be removed by low-speed centrifugation.

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